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Seeds that are Sprouting Inside a Tomato

September 25, 2022, Reading time: 2 minutes

Seeds that are Sprouting Inside a Tomato

Have you ever cut into a tomato and found white, squiggly things in it? These are not worms or aliens that have made their way to the center, but rather seeds of the fruit that have started to germinate. It’s called Vivipary, Latin for Live Birth. It is the term for plants that begin to grow while still in or attached to the parent plant. It is common in certain types of tomatoes, peppers, apples, pears and some citrus fruits.

These tomatoes end up somewhere on the kitchen counter. To forget. This warm, moist environment is perfect for growing germinating seeds.

You can easily “save” these seedlings by potting them up and then transplanting them into the garden when summer arrives. Unfortunately in this case because it is September I will not do anything with it.

Easy growing

Why is this method of growing tomato seeds so easy? You just need a flower pot, along with some soil and some old tomatoes from the fridge.

Slice the tomatoes and arrange them side by side in rows. Cover the tomato slices with some garden soil.

You will have tomato plant growing seedlings in a few days!! A great way to plant and grow tomatoes in pots or indoors is to start spring just before the cold breaks but before you can actually go outside and do some vegetable gardening.

Growing tomatoes from seeds of tomatoes you bought in the supermarket and it is a great way to save money, and very rewarding.

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