Bulls Eye

Hey, I am Jolanda de Koff (better known as Bulls Eye on the Internets.)

Nerd and Hacker - in the middle of daily madness, loves Ethical Hacking, Writer, Researcher, Programmer, Self Learner, and forever n00b. Not necessarily in that order. Like to make my own hacking tools and sometimes I share them with you.

Things I love: computers , hacking , Linux , music, dogs, life, cats, friends, food, to cook , gardening , being outdoors, coffee, traveling, freedom fighter and so much more..! You will find out here on this website.

Of the many ways that I could start this website, I feel the most appropriate way is to thank you for your interest in this website. When you have a comprehensive interest and seek out ways to fulfill your passions and curiosity, there are plenty of options.

Life is a book with blank pages. Every day a new chapter is created. With admirable, strong and mysterious elements. Every day is a journey of discovery. I suggest that today’s chapter be drawn with words of peace and love ♥

Digital Garden

Digital garden .. For me this website is a beautiful publicly available snapshot of my second brain but with a twist between the chaos streams and the cultivated performance. A garden is a place of vegetation, beauty, tranquility and freedom.

I always wanted to create something where I can just express myself in the way I want to..

  • 🌱 Plant: By hunting down interesting ideas and taking notes.

  • 🌳 Grow: By refining notes and connecting them with others.

  • 🍇 Harvest: By composing new ideas through Creative Remixing..

I call this the Collect, Connect and Create Process. Connecting the Dots

  • –> A personal repository of notes
  • –> A personal website
  • –> A blog
  • –> A wiki
  • –> A place where I can BE.. Free

This website is available in both English and Dutch. (Click to translate on the “Menu on the left side”)

Bulls Eye

No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.

Made with love ❤