Anarchy is an install script for Arch Linux. We going to set up VirtualBox and install Anarchy, then install the BlackArch repository so we can install all the BlackArch tools we like.

The BlackArch repository contains 2572 Ethical Hacking and penetration tools. More as on Kali Linux and Parrot Security together.

BlackArch is constantly being updated and offers the latest packages available on GitHub.

Install Anarchy Linux for Penetration Testing and Ethical Hackin

The Anarchy Installer provides quick access to multiple desktop environments and custom configurations.

  • Multiple desktop environments and window managers to choose from
  • Automatic or manual disk partitioning
  • A selection of Linux kernels
  • Bash, ZSH, Fish and other shells available for installation
  • And many more exciting features you’d expect from an installer

Actually, I was a bit unsure where to put this article. This is not really “hacking Related” so I decided not to post the article on

I did place the video on the account of HackingPassion Youtube to reach as many people as possible in this case.

Install VirtualBox

The first thing we going to install is VirtualBox. I like to keep this simple so I will use my terminal, and install this with the following command:

sudo apt install VirtualBox

After the install, we do a reboot

sudo reboot

Download Anarchy

To install Anarchy, follow the link and download the ISO file:

Anarchy Installer

Install BlackArch

Because BlackArch can give some errors because of conflict packages with Anarchy I personally install them one by one. (I only install what I need)

The commands I use in the video to install the BlackArch repository:

curl -O

Set execute bit

chmod +x


sudo ./

List all of the available tools, run

sudo pacman -Sgg | grep blackarch | cut -d' ' -f2 | sort -u

To see the BlackArch categories, run

sudo pacman -Sg | grep blackarch

Install all of the tools, run:

(Be aware that this can give some conflicts. and you can start all over again).

sudo pacman -S blackarch


Here you can see the Install Anarchy Linux for Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking video

A few years ago a friend told me about “Anarchy”. (Back then Anarchy Linux) Tried and used it as my main OS for a while. Still, it is great in my opinion and definitely think about using it on my second Laptop.

My opinion of Anarchy Is that it is really super, and it looks beautiful. It is super fast, and during and after the installation I encountered 0 errors and bugs. What I really regret is that it is now listed as an installer, not as a Linux distribution. But there would be a reason for that.

I would like to thank Justin, Thomas, Bjorn, James and Takov for their donation !